Begur is a town with a deep historical personality. Sheltered by its medieval castle, coral collectors, fishermen, Indians and cork workers have starred in brilliant pages of a story that is reflected in every street, in every house and in every corner of the town.

The best known image of Begur is the medieval castle that presides over the municipality. Other interesting places are the numerous Indian houses (colonial-style buildings, built by Begurenses who emigrated to “the Americas” in the 19th century, fleeing the economic crisis of the moment, and who later returned with an important fortune), the defense towers of the 16th century (legacy of the time when pirates sailed through the Mediterranean and built by the Begurenses as a means of refuge against their assaults), the church (Gothic-style building dedicated to Sant Pere) or other historical buildings such as the Cultural Casino or the Old Schools.

The Begurense coast enjoys a coastline of incomparable beauty, in which the cliffs, the pine trees, the hidden coves with crystalline waters, and the rugged coast, make this area the maximum expression of the Costa Brava. Begur has eight coves and beaches, arranged to the north, east and south of the town, with completely varied characteristics and beauty.

Aiguablava is one of the best known coves in Begur and also in Catalonia. The sand that makes it up gives rise to a turquoise color to the water that makes it unmistakable and at the same time very pleasant, in addition to its landscape environment that makes it unique.

Sa Tuna is a small cove that preserves its old fishermen’s houses. It has a small cove on the right side that can be accessed by the coastal path called S’Eixugador, which is a wild place with a beautiful calm.

We also find Fornells, a place that the favorable conditions that surround it have turned it into a prominent summer resort and residence. In Fornells we find the marina.

Aiguafreda its a small cove sheltered by the Puig Rodó that has a small pier for boats. This is a cove naturally sheltered and protected by Punta Des Plom and Cape Sa Sal. It preserves its ancestral beauty almost intact and stands out for its calm and the quality of its pure and crystalline waters.

Sa Riera is the largest cove in the municipality of Begur, its name comes from a torrent that divides it into two halves, currently it preserves the old fishermen’s houses.

Nudism is practiced in Cala Illa Roja, it is one of the largest after Sa Riera. It is characterized by being presided over by a reddish rocky islet from which its name comes. Calm, without crowds, fine sand – pomegranate and transparent waters.

To get to Platja Fonda you have to go down a long staircase before discovering this remote and wild place. This natural hiding place has allowed the cove to remain virgin with thick, dark sand.

In Platja del Racó you can breathe stillness and calm, very suitable for all those who want to relax in the sun. It is located next to the municipality of Pals and is connected by the coastal path with the coves of Illa Roja and Sa Riera.